SKULT for Streamer

This is your opportunity to Increase your visibility, Engage your audience and Earn cash.

Increase your visibility
Engage your audience
Earn cash

Create exclusive events

We will provide you with the toolbox to generate unique events for your community. YOU decide who can join the events that YOU created! Reward you loyaliest fans with engaging and interactive experiences

Play & Earn

Let your audience play games while you're streaming! Our first game: a Fantasy League! Entertain your community with your in-game actions and boost their score with crazy performances! Show them who's the best!

The more you go up the ladder the more you earn

Streamer Ranks based on your popularity and your actions
Get your share for every card sold:
higher the Rank, bigger the share.

Get in touch with us to know your Rank and understand how much you could earn with SKULT

FAQ Streamers

How do I create my SKULT card?

How do I create my SKULT card?
We are still in the Closed Alpha phase and onboarding is done on a case-by-case basis, but you can contact to chat with us and see how we can collaborate together.

Do I need a minimum audience to get my cards at SKULT?

Yes, you have to unlock the "rookie" rank at least. This is calculated according to the number of Twitch subscribers and the number of average viewers. For the Closed Alpha phase, a minimum of about 30 average and regular viewers is required.

How can SKULT help me gain visibility?

Your cards will be referenced on the SKULT platform and the goal is the help you access communities you can’t reach on your own. We also reference your Twitch channel and your lives so you’ll automatically get more viewers

How can SKULT help me engage my audience?

First, SKULTERS that have your cards will need to keep updated on what you do so they will become the most engaged members of your community. Moreover, to boost even more the fun and engagement, you can create exclusive events for your card holders!

How can SKULT help me better monetize my content?

By creating a system of cards, perks and games, viewers will want to become premium member of your community by buying your cards. There are only 100 bronze cards, 10 silver cards and 1 gold card and every time one of these is sold, you get a percentage! On the primary and secondary market, forever!

Will SKULT be Free-to-Play?

Of course! Every Streamer will also have an infinite number of free “Black” Cards that SKULTERS will be able to use in SKULT games.

Come and Play with us

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Access SKULT Alpha 2 and get your first Cards.

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Upgrade it for more rewards by completing community QUESTS on SKULT Discord

ALPHA 2 access is available only for people that claimed their KEY before the ALPHA.
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