Play with your favorite Twitch Streamers.

Collect Streamers' cards, join their exclusive circle, and challenge other community members in gameplay-based Fantasy League.
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What can you do with your cards?
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What can you do with your cards?
Unlock exclusive events

Join the streamers' Inner circle.

Get ready: your favorite Streamers have prepared immersive events, drops, giveaways and even real life events exclusively for you!

By collecting their cards, you'll become part of their closed and exclusive circle. Join in by participating in SKULT Alpha!

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Play along side your favorite Streamers

Compete & earn

1. Build your own Deck  & Draft your Squad

Your Streamers' in-game actions will make you score points!

2. Challenge other Leaguers & Win rewards

Climb up the leaderboard and get rewarded for choosing the best Squad!

Have fun and earn rewards in SKULT weekly Fantasy Leagues!

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Enter the community

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community member

SKULT brings together cool girls and boys who love to watch and support their favorite streamers.

Built by passionate gamers for passionate gamers. The community we build is what makes SKULT awesome!

Join this growing family and help us shape the future of streaming.

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Access SKULT Alpha and get your first Cards.

To participate to the Alpha, you will need a “SKULT Pass” level 1 or more.

Collect your SKULT Pass here

Upgrade it by completing
community QUESTS on SKULT Discord

Ninou Skult CardNinou Skult Card


Alex Larosse - Skult
Alex Larose
Founder & CEO
Quentin Morin - Skult
Quentin Morin
Marketing Manager
Raphael André - Skult
Raphael André
Marketing Project Manager
Victor Raguin - Skult
Victor Raguin
Front-End Developer
Victor Raguin - Skult
Baptiste Leclercq
Marketing Project Manager
Jérémie Gauthier - Skult
Casey Blondeau
Marketing Project Manager
Mohamed Belkamel - Skult
Mohamed Belkamel
DevOps & Back-End Developer
Jérémie Gauthier - Skult
Jérémie Gauthier
FullStack Developer
Victor Raguin - Skult
Victor Raguin
Front-End Developer
Victor Raguin - Skult
Victor Raguin
Front-End Developer


Thibault Lacave - Skult
Thibaut Lacave
Technical Advisor
Didier Boullery - Skult
Didier Boullery
Gaming & Business Advisor
Joachim Gillet - Skult
Joachim Gillet
Growth Advisor


When will I be able to play with SKULT Cards?

We plan to launch a 1st CLOSED ALPHA in early December 2022. To participate, you will need to get your SKULT PASS that will be released mid-October!
And an open beta is planned for Q1 2023.

How can I access the Alpha?

Our Discord has an XP grinding system, like an MMORPG! As we are gaming fans, it couldn’t be different!
The more you complete your QUESTS, the more XP you get!
You will unlock your ALPHA ACCESS when you have enough XP to upgrade your SKULT Pass to level 1.

Which streamer is working with SKULT?

You can easily get this information on our Discord. Go and have a look for Streamers that have the "SKULT Streamer" Discord role. Also, try to see if your favorite streamer is at the top of this page ;-)

How many cards are available?

Every time a streamer is onboarded on SKULT, 111 Cards representing her/him are created: 1 Gold, 10 Silver, 100 Bronze. The rarest the better of course!
SKULTERS holdings Cards can use them for 2 things:
- Play games & earn rewards!
- Access exclusive & immersive events created by streamers only for you!

How does a Fantasy League works?

Imagine having a cool deck of Cards with many different Streamers: every week, you can choose your Squad of 6 Streamers among your Cards to enter a specific game (e.g. Warzone) Fantasy League.
From that moment, every Kill, Death, Win, Top10, Execution, etc. of every of your Streamers in your Squad will count towards your week’s score!
The in-game performances of your Streamers will allow you to move up the Leaderboard and earn great rewards!

Will SKULT be Free-to-Play?

Of course! Every Streamer will also have an infinite number of free “Black” Cards that SKULTERS will be able to use in SKULT games.

Start playing with your favorite Streamer